Essential Oils For Aging Skin

Everyone wants to look much younger than they are. In fact most people want to look young for as long as possible. Unfortunately, aging of skin is not something that one can help. The skin continues to age and you continue to look aged with every passing year. Ageing is a silent phenomenon that often takes us unawares. A lot of people don’t even realize when they’ve aged so much.

Today, there are thousands of cosmetic products in the market, catering to various specific needs of men and women. Most of these cosmetic products, which claim to delay the signs of aging skin, contain essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Aromatherapy For Aging Skin Treatment

Aromatherapy, which utilizes therapeutic essential oils, helps in making the skin look much younger. You may not need a facelift or chemical peels to make your skin look younger. With the help of these essential oils, you can make your skin look much younger than it is.

Medically, it is known that regeneration of old cells is what makes the skin look healthy. As we age, this natural regeneration process gets slowed down and people resort to chemical methods of regeneration like chemical peels. Pure essential oils, however, can help keep the collagen in your skin healthy. It is the collagen that maintains the elasticity of your skin and makes it look healthy. Therefore, the regular use of essential oils can keep the natural mechanisms of regeneration of skin tissue intact.

There are two ways of using these essential oils. Some essential oils are mild in nature and therefore can be applied directly to the skin. However, most of the essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be either diluted with a carrier oil or mixed with other mild beauty products.

Mix together equal parts of the essential oil of sweet basil, juniper, lemongrass, peppermint, lemon and niaouli. Mix all these oils well and then add this to your everyday face cleanser. All these together will help relax your facial muscles, and help maintain the elasticity of the facial tissue.

You can also make your daily moisturizer into a powerful wrinkle cream. Simply add to your moisturizer, a drop each of fennel, lavender, carrot seed, patchouli, sage, geranium, rose and frankincense. All of these together can help you boost the health of your skin.

Your regular hydrating cream that you use at night can also be turned into a powerful anti aging product. Simply add to your cream a drop each of tangerine, neroli, sweet orange, mandarin and rose essential o

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