Essential Oils For Conjunctivitis | Pink Eye Natural Remedies

What is Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis is an infection which is also otherwise known as ‘pink eye’. Though usually caused due to an infection, conjunctivitis could also be caused as an allergic reaction to certain substances.

In conjunctivitis, the white portion of the eye or the under-skin of the eye lid gets inflamed. This under-skin or the conjunctiva is a transparent looking membrane which acts as a protective lining to the eye lids. The conjunctiva also acts as a sheath that covers the globe of the eye. If the conjunctiva gets infected, the tiny blood vessels present in the eye begin to dilate. This makes the eye appear red or pink.

Conjunctivitis, when not an allergy, is highly contagious and it is recommended that those who develop it should restrict close contact with others.

Conjunctivitis Symptoms:  There are many symptoms of conjunctivitis, the primary one of which is redness in the eye and a burning sensation. The skin and the eye may also feel extremely itchy and the eye is sensitive to light. There is extreme dryness in the eye and you may also experience grittiness, pain and water discharge coming out of the eye. Sometimes this discharge is not watery but thick and sticky. This discharge usually appears in the night and when you open your eyes in the morning, the eyelids may get stuck together.

A red eye can often also be caused due to exposure to chemicals or sand and grit in the eyes. It is best to first rule out any other problems of the eye, before you begin treatment for conjunctivitis. If you have a habit of swimming in a public pool, your pink eye may be a result of over-exposure to chlorine. These chemicals end up irritating the eye and causing them to turn red. Exposure to cigarette smoking or other kinds of smoke may also cause similar symptoms.

Aromatherapy for Conjunctivitis Treatment:  To receive treatment for conjunctivitis, it is recommended that you visit a doctor who can identify your problem correctly and treat it accordingly. However, with the medications, you can also try using aromatherapy essential oils which will help you draw out the infection and promote healing.

A warm compress made with a few drops of chamomile, lavender or rose essential oil, when applied twice or thrice a day, can help you get rid of your infection. The warmth of the compress makes the oils diffuses, enabling them treat your eye with their therapeutic power

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