How to Treat Foot Blisters | Prevent Foot Blister

Blisters on the feet, though not very serious in nature, can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Since it is the feet that bear the whole body weight when you stand or walk, the condition becomes even worse when these blisters start bursting. Before knowing how to treat foot blisters, you should understand the causes and steps to be taken for prevention. The common causes for foot blisters are as under:

  • The first and the most common cause is the friction between your feet and inner side of your shoes. Consistent friction results in heating of the skin, which ultimately causes blisters on the feet. This usually happens due to tight-fitted shoes.
  • Another common reason for occurrence of foot blisters is moisture. If your socks are wet due to water or sweating, the skin of your feet gets softened and makes it more susceptible to the formation of blisters.
  • Wearing too small or oversized socks may also sometimes lead to foot blisters. Large-sized socks may get bunched up under your feet and result into friction while walking.

For preventing foot blisters, you should take the following steps:

  • Always wear perfectly fitted socks and shoes only and ensure that your footwear is not moist.
  • If your socks get damp due to sweat, change them immediately. In order to prevent sweating, you can apply some talcum powder on your feet before going out for a walk.
  • Do dry your feet before putting on your socks and shoes.

Now you might be keen to know how to treat foot blisters? There are many foot blister remedies that you may use for the treatment of blisters on your feet. Some of the most effective home remedies are as mentioned below:

  • Soak your feet for nearly 15 minutes in comfortably warm water preferably at night before going to bed and dry by gently pressing with a towel. This softens the blisters and helps in quick healing.
  • Take some aloe vera juice and apply it on and around the blisters twice a day. This is a very good home remedy for curing foot blisters. If you are unable to get aloe vera, you can apply olive oil instead.
  • Soaking your feet in cold salt water for 10 minutes will give you considerable relief from the pain caused by food blisters.
  • If your blisters burst, apply some antiseptic gel so as to prevent any bacterial infection.

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