Snoring Remedies | Stop Snoring With Aromatherapy Oils

Snoring is the sound that is produced through the airway that connects the mouth and throat. This sound is produced when you are asleep. Almost everyone knows a person who snores. The loudness and pitch of sound varies from person to person. This is due to the extent of narrowness of the airway. More narrow the airway, greater will be the vibration of the soft palate and hence, louder will be the snoring sound.

It can be very uncomfortable for you if your partner snores. Some chronic snorers snore so loudly that their own sleep is disturbed. In some cases, snoring has even been a factor in divorce cases.

Snoring can be cured in many ways such as by changing the sleeping posture, by exercising the vocal chords, and through massage with essential oils. There are also surgical procedures, over the counter medicines, and nasal strips and sprays that may be used to minimize snoring. Of all these methods, the use of essential oils to cure snoring is the most natural one. This technique of using essential oils to cure common ailments is known as aromatherapy.

For the treatment of snoring, essential oils with relaxing and astringent properties are used. You can use any of the following aromatherapy techniques to cure yours or your partnerís snoring problem:

  • Marjoram essential oil is widely used to cure snoring. Take a jar of marjoram oil and while going to bed, simply open the cap of the jar and place it on the table near your bed. A sweet aroma will gradually spread through your room. This aroma relaxes the soft tissues in the throat and† helps eliminate snoring.
  • Mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with some carrier oil like jojoba oil or olive oil and gently massage around your throat and back. Lavender oil is well known for its soothing and sedative effect. Therefore, it will result in sound sleep as also relax the tissues of the throat and soft palate.
  • You can also use peppermint spray to cure snoring. Just before going to bed, spray some of the liquid four to five times in your throat. Do not eat or drink anything after this. This will help you breathe easier and will eliminate snoring.

Like any other alternative therapy, aromatherapy may give good result in some cases and may show no results in others. If you do not get any relief from these methods, do consult an aromatherapy specialist or your health care provider.

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