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Acupressure Massage Benefits

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique which is popularly used to treat many different conditions. Acupressure not only helps improve physical ailments but is also effective against stress. The technique can help an individual manage many aspects of disease and physical strain. In fact, it is a much sought after technique to deal with arthritis and muscular distress.

An acupressure therapist uses pressure to stimulate energy points in the body. There are several energy points located in the body. It is said that these energy points lie on the energy channel through which the life force or the ‘chi’ of the body flows. This life energy brings with it a strong healing force that keeps the body healthy. However, if due to an injury or sickness, this energy channel becomes constricted, it may cause an obstruction in the energy channels. With the help of acupressure, the energy points and the trigger points are stimulated so that the energy can keep flowing through the body normally and all injuries and ailments are treated naturally.

The most significant advantage of acupressure is that it is completely natural and therefore there are no side effects. In fact, in a lot of regions especially in Asia, acupressure is successfully used as a mainstream medical therapy.

Benefits Of Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure has been effectively used to lower the amount of pain that a person experiences. Anesthetists claim that acupressure creates the same response in the body as anesthesia. Patients suffering from physical strain or physically debilitating disorders like spondylitis, arthritis, frozen shoulders - where muscles, cartilage or joints are involved, are able to derive benefits from acupressure.

Acupressure, unlike many different alternative therapies, usually has lasting effects and even though you may have received the therapy only once a year, you may be able to experience its effects throughout the year.

Acupressure therapy has also gained publicity because of its ability to benefit those who are suffering from various neurological disorders. Disorders like epilepsy, paralysis, vertigo, migraine, muscular or nervous atrophy, peripheral neurological disorder and multiple sclerosis can also be treated with the help of acupressure. If you are stressed or anxious, acupressure is the perfect remedy for you. The therapy can be taken to ease still limbs or joints.

Another great advantage of acupressure is that it can be received by anyone of any age and gender. People at all levels of fitness and suffering from all manners of ailments and disorders can find acupressure beneficial. The therapy can be used to treat a wide range of disorders after a consultation with the doc

Acupressure Facial Massage

Monday, March 30th, 2009

A facial massage can be of various uses. The primary use for it is generally concerned with the purpose of beautification of the skin on your face. However, since there are a variety of types of massages that can be done, their uses also vary accordingly. There are a vast number of oils that can be used very effectively for a facial massage. There are several acupressure points located on the face, and a massage will help to activate these points and help to heal certain conditions you may be suffering from. For instance, the acupressure point for sinusitis is located on either side of the nose. A gentle but firm two minute massage of the sides of both the nostrils will help to ease open your sinuses and will save you from a great deal of congestion in the facial and forehead area. For sore and tired eyes that are burning, you can apply pressure while massaging to the insides of your eyebrows. The end of the eyebrows that meets the upper part of the nasal bone is the point you need to target. The temples contain a horde of acupressure points. You can apply gentle pressure on your temples in circular motions with the tips of your forefingers. This will help you to get relief from chronic headaches, eye trouble and high stress levels. This massage is also excellent for relieving stress. If you accompany this massage with using the correct type of aromatherapy oils, then it will work positively in your favor.

You can also massage your forehead in smooth strokes starting from the center of the point where the eyebrows end and fanning outwards. This will take care of things such as insomnia and poor and broken sleep. But you would need to spend at least 10 minutes massaging your entire forehead. You can also get better results if you use eucalyptus oil for this kind of massage. But make sure you use the eucalyptus oil that is recommended for a facial and not the regular undiluted version. This may end up burning your skin, as it is a very strong product. The one used specifically for a facial is suitably and hugely diluted. A good and long facial massage is also extremely helpful in improving the circulation on your face. This will automatically lend a healthy glow to your face and will also help to make your complexion glow with good