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Massage Therapy - Ashiatsu Massage Technique

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Ashiatsu massage therapy may also be referred to as bare feet massage, and has its origin in Asia. This technique of body massaging involves the use of bare feet to massage the body, rather than the hands and elbows, which are commonly used in traditional massaging techniques.

The Ashiatsu massaging technique is recommended for individuals who are heavier in terms of weight, or for people who are obese. This is because the person receiving the massage needs to be healthy and strong enough to bear the pressure of the person administering the massage. The masseur/masseuse stands on the body of the client and uses his/her bare feet to administer the massage.

Some of the specifics of Ashiatsu massage therapy are listed below:

  • Ashiatsu massaging therapy is specially used to cure backaches and problems of the spinal cord.
  • The Ashiatsu massaging technique levels out your spine; this is highly required for those who are sedentary workers or have minimal levels of physical activity, and those who strain their spinal cords excessively.
  • The Ashiatsu massage technique is a boon for people who are bulkier than others. If you are heavier in weight, then the traditional massaging therapies, which involve using hands and elbows, are generally not very effective. Effective massaging involves the penetration of pressure deep into the body tissues. In such cases, the Ashiatsu massage technique has proved to be more effective because more pressure can be applied by using this massage technique.
  • Ashiatsu massage therapy involves the use of wooden rods that are held by the person administering the massage. This person uses the rods as a steadying device to ensure safety of the person being massaged and to protect him from excessive pressure on the body.

While undergoing Ashiatsu massaging therapy, there are several key points that must be kept in mind, some of which are listed below:

  • First and foremost, the person receiving the Ashiatsu massage must be strong enough to bear the weight of the person administering the massage. The person giving the massage stands on the body of the person and exerts a lot of pressure on the body, especially on the spinal cord and upper back.
  • Also, the person giving the massage must be well trained in the Ashiatsu massaging technique as it involves the use of tremendous pressure on the body, which, if not done properly, may have adverse results.

You are recommended to consult an Ashiatsu massage therapist in order to learn more about this massaging technique, and benefit from the use of this amazing and different therapy.