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Sun Stroke Symptoms | Aromatherapy Heat Stroke Treatment

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Sun stroke, also referred to as heat stroke, is a condition in which the temperature regulating system of the body breaks down. This condition is accompanied by very high fever with red and dry skin, and severe headaches. Some of the other common symptoms are weakness, dizziness, a fast pulse rate, difficulty in breathing, increased heart beat and muscle cramps. This condition can be very dangerous and may cause damage to the vital organs of your body. In very severe cases it can be fatal as well. Usually, a sunstroke occurs due to prolonged exposure to excessive sun and heat.

Due to the very nature of the ailment, the first and foremost thing to do, is to take steps to prevent dehydration. For this, you need to bring down the body temperature of the affected person. You can do this by applying ice cold water with a sponge. Try to administer as much dehydration solution as possible like electrolyte solutions or water containing small amounts of salt, sugar and fruit juices.

After the patient has recovered to some extent and the severity of the symptoms has decreased, you may use alternate therapies. Aromatherapy is medicinal technique that deploys concentrated plant extracts like essential oils, distillates, phytoncides, hydrates and carrier oils for treatment of various afflictions.

The specifics of aromatherapy to cure sunstroke and related symptoms are listed below:

  • Lavender oil is supposedly very effective in relieving the symptoms of sunstroke. You may use lavender essential oil and dilute it with carrier oils like sesame oil or mustard oil. You are advised to rub diluted lavender essential oil gently on the palms, soles and chest to cure the affliction. You may also use lavender essential oil blended with Aloe Vera, as the blend will provide a cooling effect to your body, thereby facilitating healing from a sunstroke.
  • Rosemary and basil essential oils can also be very effective in the treatment of sunstroke. These essential oils may be used in the similar manner as lavender essential oil for treatment of sunstroke.
  • You may also extract juice of two large onions and rub it on the palms and soles of the affected person.

You can apply these essential oils either as compresses or use these essential oils for massaging. However, you need be really careful while you deploy aromatherapy to cure sunstroke. Essential oils are highly concentrated and if applied without dilution, may lead to adverse consequences. You can dilute essential oils with carrier oils like olive or jojoba essential oils