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Types of Aromatherapy

There are varieties of aromatherapy treatments.

Depending on your application, you can select the right type of aromatherapy for your benefit. The three major types of aromatherapy are: cosmetic aromatherapy massage aromatherapy and olfactory aromatherapy. You can refer to the detailed description of each of them below to understand their pros and cons and choose the right one to meet your objectives.

Before starting any of the treatment, do not forget to diffusers to the essential oils to dilute them.

• Cosmetic aromatherapy is the usage of essential oils for cosmetic purposes. You can use them to improve the look and feel of your skin and hair care.

This type of treatment is very popular in salons and parlours. If you plan to use this therapy for hair or skin care, consult a salon with good reputation of therapists who will create the perfect product for you based on your hair or skin tone and will guide you in its proper usage.

• Massage aromatherapy combines the powerful soothing effects of massage with the benefits of aromatherapy. In this method a mixture of essential oils is made and is massaged on the body by expert masseur.

It is an excellent healing method. Always do the patch test before massaging the oils to detect the reaction of your skin to these oils. This will prevent any undue reactions like rashes, itching and any other reaction.

Aromatherapy massage releases the powerful emotions in the body thus healing you completely without the side effects.

• Olfactory aromatherapy works by spraying the essential oils in your surroundings either by diffusion or inhaling. To enjoy the benefits of olfactory aromatherapy by inhaling, rub a tiny amount on your handkerchief or on the back of your palms. You can also mix the essential oils with distilled water and spray it in the air to enjoy the fragrance.

Diffusion of aromatherapy oils is done by using special aromatherapy devices. Some devices like candle diffusers and ceramic or brass rings placed above light bulbs use heat to diffuse the oils in the air. Others use electrical pump and glass nebulizer to micro-ionize the oils and thus make an efficient inhalation treatment.


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